Whether it be flat, pole or in hand work, training is fully tailored so please get in touch if you would like to organise something at your own facility or join in with one of the sessions currently available at Ben's yard.

Ben currently teaches a wide range of riders, both in the UK and abroad.  Most of his clients are aspiring dressage riders, looking to take their horses and riding up the levels.


Ben is gaining an ever increasing reputation for improving the strength and condition of sports horses with his alternative approach of using pole and cavaletti work as an adjunct to flatwork.

Ben's clinics aim to keep both horse and rider physically and mentally stimulated. His patient and sympathetic approach to training is paying dividends to those wanting to improve athleticism and gain extra marks within the competition arena!


The exercises he uses have proven immensely beneficial to many nervous horses and/or riders by giving them an increased confidence and something they can go away and work on at home.


Getting you and your horse working in harmony together


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I have been fortunate to have with Ben and have made huge improvements within a short time. The way Ben explains things make so much sense and are very effective.
Thank you so much."


“Ben is a Lovely gentleman I just met at the Oldenburg Verband meeting this Summer. As a dressage trainer/breeder he added so much to our group discussions. See his post about the Meeting. I can only imagine what fantastic clinics and lessons he must offer his clients!"